Booking Policies - Wanderers Retreat Accommodation Nelson Bay Port Stephens NSW
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Booking Policies


    To help facilitate an enjoyable stay for all of our guests, we ask that you read and follow these requirements of management.

    By staying at WANDERERS RETREAT, you accept these terms and conditions and responsibility for your actions, the actions of those travelling with you and of any visitors, for compliance with these terms and conditions.

    1. Smoking is not permitted, under any circumstances, inside the cottages. Wanderers retreat reserves the right to charge additional cleaning fees to remove smoke odours and recover any other costs associated with the accommodation not being suitable for rental. This condition extends to smoke odours entering the cottage from smoking outdoors where doors and windows have not been closed in an attempt to stop the smoking odours entering the cottage. If you think that this is a harsh condition please do not make a reservation, it will prevent a possible deterioration of a relationship with us.

    2. All accounts must be settled 14 days* prior to arrival unless prior arrangements are made. If a reservation is made with less than 14 days notice then the total amount is payable at the time of the reservation. *Christmas/New Years Eve reservations require full payment due 1st of December.

    3. Check outs are: Treehouses and Bush Spa Cottage 12.00 midday

                                          All other styles 10.00am

    If you require a later check out, please ask and it will be accommodated if at all possible. Please do not assume that you can stay past these times. Fees may apply for late check outs.

    4. Pets are not permitted within the property boundaries at any time.

    1. Excessive noise is not permitted at any time and all noise must cease at 10.30pm and not commence before 8.30am

    2. A maximum speed of 5km/hr applies to vehicular movement on the property and direction of travel is in a clockwise direction unless advised otherwise.

    3. Guests must stay on the defined pathways or grass areas and are not permitted to walk through the gardens.

    4. Children are welcome to explore the grounds of Wanderers Retreat however they must not interfere with other guests or their property.

    5. Children should be supervised at all times, and if under 13 must be under constant adult supervision if in the pool area. Children out of bound areas apply to the Treehouses, Bush Spa Cottage, carports, sheds and private dwellings.

    6. Visitors to guests must be registered with Wanderers Retreat and may be permitted to stay subject to occupancy levels and on payment of the applicable additional tariff. Visitors must comply with all requirements as if they were the original guest.

    7. Visitors to guests, which are on a day basis, must park on the street. Visitors that are staying overnight must follow the directions of Wanderers Retreat staff for overnight parking.

    8. Cottages are to be left in a condition similar to what they were on arrival subject to fair wear and tear. All washing up, drying of dishes and utensils and putting away in cupboards must be done. Rubbish must be removed outside to the bins etc. Cottages left in an unacceptable condition will incur an additional cleaning fee.

    9. Damages or breakages must be reported to management and paid for.

    10. Groups will ensure that any items removed from their original cottage will be returned to the original cottage before departure. Due to the time it takes staff to sort and determine which item belongs to which cottage, if the above is not complied with, an additional cleaning fee could result.

    11. Guests will comply with any verbal or written instruction issued by staff on behalf of Wanderers Retreat.

    12. Wanderers Retreat reserves the right to charge for any additional fees required to return cottages to a suitable standard. This includes, but is not limited to cleaning, smoke odour removal and/or recovery of expenses associated with the accommodation or surrounds being left in a sub standard state for any reason whatsoever. These expenses could include rental that is forgone due to the condition of the cottage or surrounds.

    13. By accepting the terms and conditions of Wanderers Retreat, it is acknowledged that permission is granted to Wanderers Retreat P/l to debit any of the above mentioned charges to the guests credit card.

    14. Notification of such charges will be forwarded to the guest by e-mail to the address notified at the time of the reservation being made.

    15. Photographic representation will be satisfactory evidence in the event of dispute for any charges made under these terms and conditions.

    16. Cancellation policy. Our cancellation policy is: if a reservation is cancelled greater than 30 days* prior to arrival a full refund less $25 will be given. If cancelled between 7 and 30 days a charge of 50% of the total is applicable, and , if made less than 7 days from the reservation then the full amount is payable. *Cancellation of Christmas/New Years Eve/Easter reservations requires 60 days notice prior to arrival for a full refund of the 50% deposit less $25.

    17. Merchant fees will be applied at the rate of 1.5% for all Mastercard and Visa transactions and 2.5% for Unioncard. Direct deposits are currently fee free.

    18. A bond, whilst not mandatory, may be charged at the sole discretion of Wanderers Retreat, at any time prior to, or during your stay. A receipt for the bond will be forwarded to the e-mail address advised at the time of making the reservation. The amount will vary depending on the style of accommodation and may be up to the full amount of the reservation total.
    19. Whilst not a condition of staying at Wanderers Retreat, we strongly recommend travel insurance be effected for the duration of your stay with us.


    26 November 2017.


Privacy Policy

Do you get sick of privacy policies that are pages and pages long with all sorts of exceptions, ifs and buts?

The Privacy Policy at Wanderers Retreat Port Stephens is simple and straight forward. It goes something like…….

We do not share your private information with anyone, or any organisation unless required to by law.